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We had lunch at The Mandarin in Beverly Hills sometime in the mid 70's and had a Chinese Chicken Lettuce Leaf Wrap.  We experimented and changed and made more changes and eventually came up with our take on this dish.  Here it is served as a salad, rather than a wrap, but one can use Boston Lettuce leaves:   place a spoonful of the meat on one and wrap it up.  In the picture, the turkey is served on mixed greens and served with freshly cooked baby beets and Japanese cucumbers and rice.  You can also add Won Ton Crisps.  Cut won ton in half, diagonally to form triangles, and then spray with cooking spray on both sides. Place on a cookie sheet in a 350° oven.  When brown, turn and brown other side.  If served in the Spring, one can add nasturtium leaves and blossoms to the plate.  They are attractive and, if not sprayed, tasty.  

2 Tbs of Vegetable Oil
1 lb ground turkey
2 carrots, peeled
1 zucchini, unpeeled
4 green onions, including tops
2 gloves of garlic
3 Tbs sesame oil, or to taste
1/2 cup low-sodium soy sauce
1/4 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp Chinese 5-spice powder, or to taste
shredded lettuce, mixed greens, or Boston Lettuce Leaves

Crumble and brown ground turkey in vegetable oil.  Drain well and set aside.  Finely chop carrots, zucchini, green onion and garlic in a food processor.  Lightly coat bottom of pan with sesame oil.  Add vegetables and cook over medium heat for two to three minutes adding more sesame oil as needed until carrots are softened.  Add turkey, soy sauce, sugar and Chinese 5-spice powder, stirring until mixture is hot and flavors have married.

Serve with Asian Sweet Chili Sauce or Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce for a spicier taste.

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