Saturday, July 23, 2011



If you're like a great deal of the mid-west and the east, you need some relief from the unrelenting three digit heat wave.

Try this:  Buy some nice sweet grapes.  Wash and place in the freezer on a sheet of waxed paper.  Freeze (about 2 hours) until solid.  Eat like mini-popsicles.  If there are any left, place them in a plastic bag, but don't leave them too long in the freezer.

Filling your swimming pool with ice cubes is reputed to help as well, but we have neither a swimming pool nor that much ice, so for now will stick with a/c, fans and frozen grapes.

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  1. I'll try anything in this heat and this sounds like just the ticket while watching my nieces and nephews have fun at the pool. Tomorrow is grocery shopping day so I'll be picking up a bag of my favorite green grapes. LOL, I wonder what they'll think if I dump a few ice cubes into the pool. Like you I don't have enough to make a difference, but I think they'll get a kick out of watching how quickly they melt while floating around. Thanks for the brilliant and delicious tip!